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Is there a good way to do bad? Is there a right way to do wrong? Many fail to realize that in this world there are only two options to choose from - Christ’s way or Satan’s way. The sum of life with all its sub-choices can be grouped under those two headings. You cannot do Satan’s way in the name of Christ...as many are still trying to do. Chose ye this day whom ye will serve. Then, once this decision is made, everything else will fall in line.

The pivotal point for many in choosing is the great education barrier. How you were introduced to this world has a lot to do with the decisions you make. Let’s take a simplistic example, We know and scripture tells us (Isaiah 40:22) that the earth has a circular shape, yet many today are arguing that the earth is flat. Do you then believe scripture or do you enjoy the intellectual debate that goes along with trying to prove that the earth is flat?

After spending twenty years working in the classroom from primary level to university, the conclusion of the whole matter is, your education would set you up to accept or reject a plain, ‘thus saith the Lord’. At the tree of Knowledge of good and evil, Satan questioned the education given by Christ to the pair...’Are you sure thats what He meant?’ Then the appeal to the senses as a judge of what is truth was engaged in. Finally, a personal testing of the statement was engaged in. Question, hypothesis, testing, conclusion. Finding : God did not mean what He said, for nothing immediately happened upon eating the fruit. How many of us engage in the same academic rounds when coming to decisions, instead of simply trusting a ‘thus saith the Lord’. Faith in oneself leads to the need for a personal analysis of the commands of God, while faith in God prompts one to obey God even when our senses betray us.

As we get closer to the coming of the Lord, we will need to trust our senses and mental skill less and less and lean more and more on the Word of God. We were warned that during the last days that the nations of the earth will be deceived by sorcery. (Revelation18:23) The entity deceiving the whole earth will only be able to do so as men’s minds have been molded to receive a lie. Unfortunately, the steps to deception are taken even as we enter the doors of most educational institutions. We are warned: “To many of our youth there is great danger in listening to the discourses that are given by those who in the world are called great men. These discourses are often of a highly intellectual nature, and prevailing errors of science falsely so-called and of popular religious doctrine are mingled with wise sayings and observations, but they undermine the statements of the Bible and give the impression that there is reason for questioning the truth of the inspired Word. In this way the seeds of skepticism are sown by great and professedly wise men, but their names are registered in the books of record in heaven as fools, and they are an offense to God. They repeat the falsehoods that Satan put into the mouth of the serpent, and educate the youth in delusions. This is the kind of education the enemy delights in. It is sorcery.” (White, E.G. 3 Selected Messages p.232)

Was sorcery practice on you in the name of enlightenment? As you aspired on the rounds of academic accomplishment, was your mind molded into questioning everything. Many fail to realize that it is not just statements of unbelief that grief God but also those that doubt and question His wise counsel to a dying race. They don’t take God at His Word and they subject His infinite counsel to their finite minds to decide what is truth. This insults a loving Creator that only seeks the best for His children.

The advice of country living as a life is not new, for man was first placed in a garden. (Genesis 2:8) It was always the plan for man to inhabit the earth amidst all that God had created - nature. Man drifted and formed city-centers and began to move away from the original plan. The end is always shown from the beginning (Isaiah 46:10) Thus, as we come to the end of this earth’s history God will have a people who return to the old paths and restore the broken down walls, He will have a people who return to the way they should walk. A people will be found on the earth who will experience the restoration of every divine institution in their life. These people will be living the simple, humble life that true country living encourages. May you be among those that fear the Lord on the earth.

Written by:
Nicole Belfast


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