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Moving From the City into the Country

We have been counseled many times that the best life for God’s people is found in the country setting, yet many of God’s people still cling to Egypt by staying in Egypt or by taking Egypt with them into the country. Egypt or worldliness has such a heavy hold on God’s people that they may succeed in moving their bodies into the country but their minds remain in Egypt. How can one tell if this is the case with them? Are you trying to ensure that you have all the systems and conveniences of city-life?

Do you embrace each new challenge in the country as a possible learning experience or as an opportunity to complain of the inconveniences of this new life? The complaining spirit tells you that you are not willing to adjust and learn how to function in this new environment instead you want this new environment to be like your old one so the transition would be seamless for you. Such a narrow minded view of things robs many of the joys of living in the country.

When God brought ancient Israel out of Egypt He sought to prepare them for the earthly Canaan by changing their diet and lifestyle. This same process must be experienced by spiritual Israel in preparation for the heavenly Canaan, for our diet must grow to resemble more and more the original diet. This is possible in a well developed rural piece of land. The attempt to maintain a worldly diet in the country can be very costly and inconvenient, not to mention out of place. Imagine having fruit trees in your garden, yet still going to the grocery to buy fruits because the ones on the trees don’t quite look as perfect as the ones from the grocery. You are leaving the healthy, organic fruit that can be picked fresh and therefore is full of nutrients, for a fruit that has the appearance of perfection but is not fresh and has to be processed to look the way it does. The value of fresh food should be understood and made full use of everyday and not just when someone is sick.

Most people only think of moving into the country in terms of relocation, a geographical shifting of residence or an upgrading of real estate, thus they are unprepared for the practical changes that would occur. A simple example would be: a trip to the grocery store would no longer be a quick spin to get a few items, it would now be a planned trip that may take a few hours. Also, an alarm clock may not be needed to wake you up anymore but the sounds of the birds in the early morning may be sufficient. You would find that the environment lends itself to a slower more thorough pace of things that seem to bring an unexplainable enjoyment. A strange but true observation made, is that even pets that are accustomed to the city may have some trouble adjusting to a neighborhood of free roaming wild life and pasturing animals. Not being reared to get along with others, but to protect property and defend in the city, these animals often prove a threat to the lives of the animals reared in the country. Thus, it is more than just a moving van experience, it is a whole new, exciting experience that can be positively enjoyed if taken as such or it can be a disappointment if city living is held on to.

The size of land necessary is always larger than the space one can survive with in the city. A small apartment that house all the basic necessities seem to satisfy many in the city but this would not make for living in the country. The Lord shows you that He intended for you to enjoy a bigger environment, more space, larger acreage and more freedom. Those who purchase small parcels of land show that they little comprehend the demands of everyday life in the country. You no longer measure your living space by the square footage between four walls but by the boundaries of your land, for outside you would have quiet sitting areas and resting spots that refresh and other smaller structures that accommodate your new life. One of the most land consuming activities you would engage in, is the planting of fruit and nut trees. These require their own space for future growth and can demand quite a large area. Also from experience, one is always advised to plants a few of each tree type, catering for the unexpected death of one or unforeseen damage or even as a cash crop for the future. Added to these trees, would be the area assigned to short crop production, be it in the field or greenhouse, this requires additional space and must cater for a constant daily supply of fresh food. Initially this does not sound like a lot but you would be surprise at the amount of food that you would need to supply to a family who is working everyday out on the land...appetites increase as work increase. Because you spend most of your time outdoors, your actual dwelling house may be a modest size but you would need space on the land for your tool shed and other essentials. Can you see how more land would be needed?

Building and furnishing a house in the country is different to the traditional expectations of the city. A statement that I have grown to appreciate and love says, “Everything bearing the divine stamp unites simplicity with utility” (White, E. G. Testimonies to the Church Volume 3 p.408) The facade and superfluous life of the city has no place in the country. People express it by saying that country people are more practical. The building and maintenance of a city-style house in the country puts unnecessary pressure on the occupants of the house when they could be enjoying some nice outdoor activity. Satan tries to occupy people with their man made structure while God is trying to call their attention outside to His wonderful creation. Providing that His wonderful creation was not all swept away by clearance for a house spot! At no time should the entire land be cleared of all things natural, called bush by some, in order to make way for an unnatural physical structure. Some people wish to live in country but don’t want nature around them. This is not country living.

One of the first things that would be changed when moving into the country, is the type of vehicle that one chooses to drive. It is simple to say that there are city vehicles and country vehicles. The demands of the country would soon bring to awareness the necessity of a strong, practical, spacious yet efficient vehicle. Sometimes more than one vehicle may be necessary to make life run smoothly. One may choose to have a truck and a car or as some may refer to it as a horse and a donkey. Carrying wood and other hardware-like supplies may be necessary and so the practicality of the vehicle becomes critical. The changing conditions experienced throughout the year requires flexibility and vehicles that could be easily adapted to function efficiently regardless of the weather. In today’s market, off-road, four wheel vehicles, are easily available and therefore can make this transition very easy yet comfortable.

The prevalence of the artificial life in the city removes from one’s consciousness just what things go into making our daily existence run smoothly. The food is grown somewhere and processed and packaged just to be picked up in the grocery store. The lights and water are provided by some company, paying a bill when it comes, is all that is required. The service guys take care of our appliances. The mechanic looks after the car. It seems like a working package that is accepted by many. The emphasis in the city is the earning of the magical dollar that would make all the things necessary for life, affordable. But did you stop to consider how dependent this life has made you on man and self? I earn and I buy. Where is God in the picture? Often He is relegated to worship times when people squeeze in a little thanks, fully believing that the works of their hands have gotten them all things. In the country, the love of money wanes as reliance on the provisions of the Lord increases. Things are not as prepackaged as in the city and real life demands real work. The Life of Christ and Country Living

Another aspect of country life that many take some time to adjust to, is the quietness of the environment. Some people welcome it as it enhances their sleep quality, others find it uncomfortable and proceed to make it as noisy as the city. Noise level tolerance in the city is much higher than most people realize and what may not seem noisy for a city loving person can be a positive annoyance in the quiet environment of the country. It goes back to the principle discussed earlier, do we want the space to be a city space or do we want to learn and adjust to the country atmosphere? A short mental analysis of the benefits of living in harmony with the natural environment would show the folly of trying to live city in the country.

The abundance of fresh air and elevated levels of oxygen has a real health boosting effect. It must be breathed into the lungs however for it to be benefited. What do I mean by that? You cannot stay locked up in the house, closed doors and windows to preserve the furniture or carpet and get fresh air. You must throw open the doors and window on a daily basis or as often as possible for the fresh air to circulate and for the rays of the sun to enter and purify the rooms. Also, most people are shallow breathers and thus need to learn how to breathe properly in order to fill the lungs with the wonderful, freely available, oxygen enriched air in the country. Your daily walks would provide ample opportunity for the practice sessions necessary to change even this learnt habit of shallow breathing.

On a really good note, the amount of fruit and vegetable intake increases tremendously, only limited by your ability to plant and not by your wallet. Consider this...you plant one fruit tree but reap hundreds of fruit every year from that tree...only one planting. Not to mention the abundance of seeds provided for planting more of that tree. Isn’t the Creator wonderful? When you see this concept, you can see how in a short space the Lord can multiply your resources, only cooperation with Him is necessary.

Some people who are made aware of the facts surrounding the move to the country, choose to remain in the city where life is more predictable and accommodating. These place love of self above love of God and show that they do not trust God. Why would God tell you not to live in the city? Is He trying to  make life difficult for you? If you understand that you have a loving Heavenly Father who sees all things and only wants what’s best for you, you would trust His advice in all things, even country living.

Written by:
Nicole Belfast


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