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Re-Evaluating Wealth

I once read a story of a man who had lots of money. He took his son to spend some time with a family that had little money, in order to encourage a spirit of gratitude for all the money he had. At the end of the stay the father checked to see if the son had learnt the lesson intended. Instead, the father was taught a very valuable lesson by his son. The son told the father his observations. He saw that his father had a swimming pool that only reached to the front of the yard, while the people had a creek that seemed never ending. He saw that his father had to buy food while these people had an abundance of food that they grew. He saw that he had one dog while these people had four dogs. He saw that his father had walls around their property to protect them while those people had friends and neighbors who looked out for them. He saw that his father had imported lanterns while the people had the stars at night. He saw that his father had servants to serve them while those people served others. The boy had clearly seen what the father had missed...and the boy felt really poor.

Is your concept of wealth informed by your worldly ambitions or by the Word of God? In today’s society people aspire to be possessors of great sums of money and assets. Driven from school days into the career choices, many have pursued the seemingly illusive concept of being ‘filthy rich’. Why? They are told that it would make them happy or at least fulfilled. Sadly, even Christians, whose principles should be a little different, are caught up in this ‘rat race’, as it is called. The artificial world created by man prompts him to assess his worth by the things that he possess. This insatiable desire however, once indulged, proves to be a bottomless pit. The Bible says in Luke 12:15 “And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.” Now, lets make something abundantly clear before launching into this topic. The author has no issues with having money...it answereth all things. (Ecclessiastes 10:19) and for now, is a necessary evil. Abraham and Job were wealthy both in worldly terms and according to Godly requirements. However, we seem to have come to a time in earth’s history when the corona virus, like many other crises that serve as turning points, has forced many to reevaluate their concept of wealth. On this basis the following article is written.

Quarantine - the word has become common place today, yet imposes a very uncommon and even more uncomfortable situation. When you are forced to remain on your property, you begin to look at your property in a whole different light. A tiny house or small urban apartment is great if you only check in from work to sleep but what happens if you have to actually live there? People have forgotten what it is to live at home. They pass through to sleep and maybe eat or clean up but the total hours spent is often much less than they spend outside of their house. If forced to, can you live at your place of residence? What changes would you consider if you were confined to your house space for some time More than likely you would come to the same conclusion as the little boy in the story about what is really important in life.

In order to be truly wealthy, health and happy, there are a few essentials - clean air, pure water, sunshine, exercise, healthy food , shelter and a mind right with the Creator. Now notice, the list does not include, lawyer services, doctors visit, school attendance and thrift store shopping. Why? In a crisis, honest people will
admit that there are many dispensable things in life but there are also many indispensable things as well and these are the essentials of life. Could it then be said, that the truly wealthy people are those who under normal circumstances and in preparation for extreme circumstances can still enjoy the basic comforts of life? These comforts are all found by those who engage in country living the way God recommends it.

It is essential to know that not all who live in the country engage in country living. Many only seek to reproduce their city life by continuing their full dependence on man and his myriads of services. Instead, the person who follows God’s commands for country living finds himself growing more and more dependent on God and of more service to man. As they add to their experience God multiplies their blessings and they find themselves truly wealthy. God’s yoke is easy and His burden is light, therefore as one grows closer to Him they find themselves doubly blessed.

So, who is truly a wealthy person? Is it a person with the appearance of wealth but owing the loan agency for it all? A person who has to pay rent every month and visit the grocery every week in order to survive? A person who cannot afford to lose their job or they loose everything? Or is it a person who obediently walks close to God as He provides for them everyday? The ultimate question would be - Are you truly wealthy?

written by:
Nicole Belfast

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