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 I once heard an old man say that simple is hard to do. Yet we are told that ‘everything bearing the divine stamp unites simplicity with utility’. (White, E.G. Testimonies to the church Volume 3 p. 408) How is this possible in a world that caters to everything but simplicity? Remember this is the same world that will wonder after the beast. A world in which people equate simple with boring, failing to see the popery education that they have imbibed. This world sees life through the same lens that satan showed Christ this world, (Matthew 4:8) as he tempted Him, he showed him all the glory - this pale glory in comparison to heaven, he made appear bright. Many eyes today have been clouded by Roman education to the point where they are blinded to their inability to do simple. The grand graduation ceremonies that attend every step of our popery education, the accolades poured on us, the letters after our names and the many other appeals to pride that are heaped upon us, have cast their influence on the side of display and pomp - the very foundation of Romanism.

One must understand, that “While Romanism is based upon deception, it is not a coarse and clumsy imposture. The religious service of the Romish Church is a most impressive ceremonial. Its gorgeous display and solemn rites fascinate the senses of the people, and silence the voice of reason and of conscience. The eye is charmed. Magnificent churches, imposing processions, golden altars, jeweled shrines, choice paintings, and exquisite sculpture appeal to the love of beauty. The ear also is captivated. The music is unsurpassed. The rich notes of the deep-toned organ, blending with the melody of many voices as it swells through the lofty domes and pillared aisles of her grand cathedrals, cannot fail to impress the mind with awe and reverence.

This outward splendor, pomp, and ceremony, that only mocks the longings of the sin-sick soul, is an evidence of inward corruption. The religion of Christ needs not such attractions to recommend it. In the light shining from the cross, true Christianity appears so pure and lovely that no external decorations can enhance its true worth. It is the beauty of holiness, a meek and quiet spirit, which is of value with God.” (White, E.G. Great Controversy 1888 p.566.)
This same Roman spirit is seen in our lives. The need to have a certain look regardless of the reality of our poverty. My father use to tell us, ‘big house but fridge empty’. Today, the same facade is kept up by a Hollywood loving generation who still believe that a good appearance is necessary, even if it portrays a lie. Is it any wonder that this same generation cannot do simple? Simple equates poverty to them. They spend that which they have to maintain an appearance after the world and to be thought well of men. Their focus is in the wrong place. Treasures are laid up in this world and not in the world to come.
There is a fact that must be considered though and that is that God loves the beautiful and is the best designer of one’s life, therefore all His recommendations are for our good. This is the same God who made streets of gold and a city whose foundation has twelve different precious stones. This is the same God who adorns the sky with stars and hangs the rainbow in the clouds. Our Lord has given us a more enduring concept of that which is of value yet simple. Unfortunately it takes a reeducation to appreciate such. Ask Moses after his forty years of reeducation from his Egyptian blindness. Are we willing to be stripped of our Egyptian, worldly blindness? Then enter the school of country living with the sole purpose of following the Master and learning from Him. He will remake and transform all that is of this world into a Christ-like image. He will teach you how to appreciate the meek and lowly Saviour. He will give you an appetite for the simple. He will retrain you to be of service in this world and in the world to come. As the scales fall from your eyes, you would be able to lead others on the path to heaven. You would be useful to God, you would bear the divine stamp. In your new, simple life, you will find a peace that this world cannot give and a joy that cannot be taken away. May this be your experience.

written by
Nicole Belfast

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