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Vaccines are the Perfect Pathogenic Primer! - Part 3

Autoimmune disease briefly explained

Autoimmune disease is a term which suggests that one's immune system has directed itself against its own body tissues. Initially, the immune system may have been responding to a virus or an allergen of some sort; and somehow the immune system got confused (so they say) and starts to attack and destroy the tissues of the body instead of the virus or allergen. Thus, the medical societies refer to MS as an autoimmune dysfunction because they suppose the immune system is not in a condition to differentiate between a foreign tissue and tissue normally present throughout the brain and spinal cord. However, this is for from the truth.

The reason the immune system has become more active than normal is a logical expectation, given the fact that the foreign protein molecules and sometimes the xenobiotic toxicants such as mercury, aluminum and animal cell strains and human embryonic tissue in the vaccines find shelter in membranous tissue covering internal organs and other tissue surfaces like blood vessels and nerves; and once the pathogen-derived protein molecules and the strange ductile metallic elements become part of the body, they begin to compromise its structural composition and the integrity of the body’s microbiome.

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Now, as the body is constantly being bombarded with the awful pro-inflammatory western diet, protein from animal products, environmental pollutants, medications and other virulent adjuvants; it creates an imbalance between the levels of non-pathogenic Gram-positive bacteria with probiotic characteristics and the low levels of potentially pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria, in which we see a reduction and displacement of the non-pathogenic Gram-positive bacteria by the proliferation of pathogenic Gram-negative bacteria.

This I have come to understand to be one of the leading causes of excess pro-inflammatory cytokines in the blood plasma and in the different cellular compartments of the body, especially the digestive system: the death of Gram-negative bacteria and the release of fragments of the lipid A component of the complex lipo-polysaccharide (LPS) that forms the structural integrity of the outer leaflet of their membrane into the circulation. Being that the lipid A component of the LPS is at the helm of the toxicity of gram-negative bacteria as the lipid A component crosses the gut wall and enter the blood stream and tissue; it elicits strong immune responses and cause what the medical fraternity refer to as autoimmunity, like in the case of Lupus and septic shock.

Additionally, dear reader, over time all the above mentioned puts the digestive system in a state of inflammation, which can cause an opening in the tight junctions of the wall of the small intestine, thus making it hyperpermeable. Now, when the intestinal wall, which serves as a filtration system and an auxiliary defense for the body becomes hyperpermeable; it refers to the passing of toxin and other larger molecules, like partially digested food from inside the gastrointestinal tract into the blood stream through the breach in the intestinal wall.


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