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Crisis Mentality

Many today make changes in their lives in response to a crisis or a perceived crisis. In anticipation of a shortage of food one may hoard large supplies of food. In the face of a lockdown one may find their pantry overstocked. However, when the changes and movements are made in anticipation of a future event, the results may immediately be the same but the long term effects are often different. This is particularly true of those who engage in country living, for they are aware of the fact that in the future buying and selling would be a problem for those who follow the Lord. Thus many adopt a ‘preppers’ mentality when they move into a country space. However, as they soon realize, this life is difficult to maintain when the anticipated event takes longer to be fulfilled than expected. Real life works its way in and the reality of everyday existence makes its demands. Thus a different mentality is needed by those who advocate and engage in country living.

The problem lies in the foundation. Why move into the country? Sound judgement and reasons from the Word of God must be the basis for such a decision in order for it to be lasting. If the decisions and changes that you have made were made in response to the express commands of God, it should not change with the passing of time. Or should it? God does not change, neither do His principles, so our obedience should be marked turning points in our own lives. This can only be the case if the decisions were made with sound reasoning and on a principled basis. If only emotional persuasion was involved, the decisions may not last one’s lifetime and may eventually lead to one’s falling away from the narrow path.

This principle goes across the board for all reforms in life. Many would change their wardrobe to suit dress reform when it’s novel and new. However, as time passes and a wardrobe change is due, unless dress reforms were done for the correct reasons the wardrobe would reflect it. Also, often people engage in health reform when sick. While this is necessary, it should not be the only prompting factor, for when health this experienced once again, a return to old habits would be seen. Health reforms have their basis in the principle of our body being created by God for His glory and thus we are admonished not to destroy the body temple. How we adorn this body temple should also be governed by a ‘thus saith the Lord’. Once done to the glory of God, the decisions as to what shall we wear, eat or drink becomes simple. We shall not eat, drink or live to the glory of self or appetite.

It seems that in today’s world, people would try almost anything once but permanent change is a problem when it goes against the carnal human grain. This is compounded if the anticipated event takes longer to occur than predicted. One speaker referred to the time between the now and the anticipated crisis as a tarrying time. A truly testing time. During this time urgency wanes and many return to their former lusts. As reforms loose their luster many seek company in those who like themselves have made compromises, as small as they may seem. The arguments are now on brotherly love and less on Biblical standards and the drive is to secure friends of mammon who are on the same page. The more time passes, the worst the scenario. The movements away from the pillars are as gradual as a surveyors tangent - small and imperceptible at first but then wide and obvious down the road.

Why then engage in country living? Is it not to escape the coming crisis? Many would point to the corona virus events as ample evidence that country living is a preferred way to live in a crisis, and I would agree it is. But there is an issue ahead that has more weight than a virus, its one’s eternal salvation. Would you be saved or lost? The country living advice was given to help us get ready for the coming of the Lord. Remember, the Lord can rain manna from heaven and He can give water out of a rock...so why grow your food? It’s about obedience, even if it involves growing your food. As He teaches you to lean on Him in the garden, you learn to trust His provisional care...thus in a crisis you know He can provide. Country living is about a unique experience that prepares you for the Heavenly Canaan. No two persons would have the same experience but all who enter the school of country living would be thoroughly taught and prepared for the future life. May the Lord grant you the mind of Christ when making all change related decisions.

written by
Nicole Belfast

Event: Natural Health Training and Country Living Seminar

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