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Country Living Move On A Budget

Is it more expensive to live in the city or the country? The best way to answer this question is to ask, what is the value of your soul? To gain the whole world and loose one’s soul would be the experience of many in the city. However, it should be quickly pointed out that country living does not guarantee salvation. Following the advice for country living, places us where God would have us, it shows a willingness to cooperate with Him on His terms. Therefore the issue of money becomes relative to the value of the experience that the Lord has for you.

Yes, our country house did cost us less than the city house we had started to build, before receiving the country living message. Yes, the budget for our solar power system seemed expensive in our cheap energy society. Yes, our water collection and storage facility did cost more than our previous water bill. Yes, we had to buy land that cost more than the city piece my husband had inherited. But since we were following the Lord, He took care of the budget. We were careful not to be unrealistic in our reach - let me explain: Some people may have the funds to construct a small, humble abode with a simple solar system and adequate plumbing. Yet, because of pride, they may seek to construct a bigger dwelling, sacrificing the basic comforts that were within reach. Such often complain of the cost of country living, when the real problem is not the money but their inability to operate within their budget. Some realistic sense of life is necessary by a child of God. The pride of life finds no place in the God-driven country-living move. Yet, be certain that whatever we do should not bring shame to the Lord, it should be of a standard and quality that represents Him.

Many persons were amazed at the change in plans when we began our country living move, since our current country house is smaller than the city house we were building. Country Living Move on a budget And especially as it is a wooden building, in a society that looks down on wooden structures. It is not a traditional house and has been positively commented on by many builders, other visitors and especially the young - the practical ones. Many are often surprise to see our indoor bathrooms with flushing toilets and a functional washroom area with a washing machine. Although minimal in approach, the layout is very practical and does not make everyday life a burden. In our A-frame house, the Lord has taught us much that has made the combination of simplicity with utility possible. We can only give credit to the Lord for its design and construction.

The decision to avoid debt has proven a protective hedge to us. Following the Lord’s counsel, we avoided debt as a plague while making our country living move. We had spend our earlier life in heavy debt and mortgage, but after the Lord freed us from such bondage, we promised not to return. A debt free life is little known in today’s society but its an experience that every child of God can have. The Lord honored our decision to move ahead debt free, giving us, land, house and an off-road worthy vehicle, without incurring any debt. We did not have any secret savings account to finance our move. Instead, the message of country living met us fully in debt with no savings, so we are sure that everything we acquired in our country living space came from the Lord. We did not engage in any fund-raising drive or any donation solicitation. Everything came straight from the Lord. We were willing to let go of everything we had acquired in the city and move. The Lord took what we had in our hands and liquidated it into sufficient cash to make our move. He allowed us to meet an old God-fearing gentleman, willing to sell us land within our budget. He pointed us to builders, who were willing to trek their way to our house spot and work with our budget. The Lord stretched the finances He gave us, until we got what was necessary for our country living. We did not get side track with any other possible investments but kept our focus on making our move. Everything, every decision was hinged upon helping to make the move as seamless as possible.

The concept of living within one’s means or income is not a familiar one to this
generation. Many of previous generations who may have lived in poverty or in a simple way may find such a concept familiar. The thinking was: If you did not have it, you made do without it. Satan has put within reach all things to this credit- loving generation. Why pray when you can pay - even if you have to take a loan to pay. No one knows the future and so making a promise to pay for something you are enjoying now, in the future, is presumption. Mortgages can sometimes be fixed for twenty and twenty-five years, and this seems normal to some. The Lord wants to put His people where they can be lenders and not borrowers, yet His people insist on becoming servants to the lenders.

It should be kept in mind that to avoid unnecessary expenditure, it is a good idea to attempt to do some of the work yourself. Use the internet to help learn how to cope with new challenges. It is an excellent teaching tool and can be of help when acquiring new skills. Hired hands cost, so too does ignorance. So prayerfully learn and attempt a few projects along the way. He who gave Bezaleel skill is also available to fill you with creative and economic skill in setting up your country living space.

It is important to remember that everything does not have to be completed before moving in. All that is necessary for safety and security should be put in place but things like furniture and finishing can wait. As you settle in you may find that different articles suit your necessities compared to your prior expectation. Basic plumbing, lighting, bathing and toilet facilities should be part of the start-up budget. The run of everyday life should be considered when deciding what should be available from the start. For example, cooking is a daily task that is essential, so the stove and sink should be available from the start. However, finished cupboard fixtures are nice but not essential to an initial start. As you settle into the country, you begin to realize that food supply and use differs a bit and so your kitchen would be designed around your new needs. In some place, as your fruit trees come in, a large enough counter space would be needed for canning. In the tropics, jars and cupboard spaces are necessary for storing dehydrated foods. And so the kitchen area may become anything but standard. Thus, an initial focus would be the basic essentials, everything else becomes a textbook, a learning experience, in your country living.

So, is country living affordable? Yes, if your are willing to let the Lord lead. The Lord is not limited by your meager savings, neither is He helped by your ability to acquire great means. He can supply all that is necessary if we are wiling to follow His lead. If He wants you to let go of Egyptian trinkets, freely do so. If He calls you to have a very humble beginning, be willing to do so. No two persons will have the same experience in making the move but one thing would be certain - the Lord who parted the Red Sea, can finance a country living move. He may cripple the whole of Egypt to set you free. Please do not make the mistake and take Egypt in your heart or ask to return to Egypt afterward. Let the Lord work out your situation and you will draw closer to Him in the experience.

Written by:

Nicole Belfast


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  • Some don’t know how to start,some living on medicare, some no money, some just a little money,when you ask those who are there they tell you trust God he will lead, no help from any body.


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