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Nature's Tranquilizers

As the week comes to an end and the Sabbath draws on, it is a wonderful thing to spend the next twenty-four hours in nature. Having grown up spending each sabbath day in the synagogue, the dictates of the pandemic on our small island has lead to a reemergence of the home church, much like what we often read about in the book of Acts. Today, it was a calm, peaceful day. Our nature walk allowed us to gaze upon the handiwork of the Lord. The birds are abundant, busy gathering their food and speeding past us, undisturbed by our presence. High up in the sky, the sea birds effortlessly move with the wind, not even flapping their wings, as they journey toward the sea. Everything in nature seems at rest.

The whole creation speaks of a wonderful Creator, even after six thousand years of decline. Can you imagine what it was like in all its glory? I don’t think we have the capacity to visualize fully what the world was like as it came from the Creator’s hand. The heavy marks of sin can sometimes obscure our view of the handiwork of the Creator. I found it amazing that today, on our walk we saw no pests, of which we have quite a few. Often on our nature walks we see all the destruction done by pests and work still to be done on the land, but today, we expressed the desire to see the Lord’s handiwork and He granted us our request.

A lot of our trees are laden with fruits at different stages, their growth is amazing at this time of the year as the rainy season has just started. Our tress bear one type of fruit each at their appointed time each year. Can you imagine a tree that bears every month and that can bear twelve manner of fruits? (Revelation 22:2). We can safely conclude that what the Lord has in store for us surpasses anything this world has to offer. As we learn to enjoy the things of God in nature, our appetite will grow in the right direction and we Nature’s tranquilizers would be fitting up to feel comfortable among God’s creation. Spending the Sabbath day with the Creator will not seem so far-fetched an idea as we feel at home in His creation.

It takes an enormous amount of care to look after every living thing with thoroughness and love, it makes one wonder at the capacity of the Creator. Our mortal minds are burdened with the little bit of things that we are responsible for and so we are often glad for the Sabbath rest. Daily rest however can only be found as we leave all our cares and burdens at His feet. In spite of our resisting Him at times, He still loves us and cares for our salvation.

One of the smallest of our birds is the hummingbird, his wings move so fast that it is difficult to see them while they are in flight. They however enjoy all the flowers around our home, especially the hibiscus and the moringa. If you want them to come up to you, you simply wear a red blouse or shirt and stand near one of the areas they enjoy being in. This has happened to me on several occasions. They come up close, trying to see if the color is that of a flower.

As we sat on one of our outdoor benches resting a bit, one of our sheep passed us with her two lambs. They were simply taking a walk, eating as they walk by. Wanting to see the little lambs a little longer, I began to call them. My husband seeing my futile effort, made a sound like the mother sheep. This caught the attention of the little ones and they were soon at our side expectantly looking at us. It was amazing that their innocence did not allow them to know the difference between our call and that of their mother. They were skipping and jumping down the walkway, happy in their innocence and freedom. We enjoy seeing them as they play. Observing them gives new meaning to the Biblical comparison of us to sheep.

One of the blessings of the countryside is the constant possibility of viewing God’s handwriting and the calming influence of observing His creatures. A deliberate effort is needed however to develop the habit of stopping to gaze at His lesson books. These periods of quiet observation gives an unspoken mental assurance of a Heavenly Father. It sets the heart at ease and gives mental rest to a busy mind. I invite you to spend some quiet time in God’s creation and experience it’s wonderful effect.

Written By Nicole Belfast 


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  • It is wonderful to go on nature walks on the Sabbath. My heart is broken. Sad because I have no one to go with me. Not even my kids.


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