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Living In Tents Part 1: Building For Eternity!

There are only two ways to construct a house. There is the way that we are directed in God’s Word and then there is the way of man. This applies to both the physical and spiritual house. Proverbs 14:12 “There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death.” The ways are in opposite directions. One feeds pride, the other glorifies God. One caters only for the comforts of this life, the other shapes a character for the life to come. How are you building? Are you building for time and for eternity?

The Covid19 period has seen an increasing interest in country living among a diverse group of people...however, in a crisis survival instincts are often consulted rather than the strait testimony. If in peaceful times, men, who are taught by society to rely on themselves, consult their wishes and desires and move based on their pride - are establishing country areas that are not glorifying to God...how much more so would this be done in a crisis? Character is not built in a crisis, therefore the character you have been cultivating before the country move would often inform the move. If you have entered into a walk with God and He is now directing your steps, your move would be made in constant consultation to His desires. However, if you have a worldly mind that is still being nourished and feed by pride, you Living in tents....building for time and for eternity! would find that your move to the country would reflect just that, it would reflect you and not Christ. This bring a very important point to view, that not all who live in the country are country living as far as God’s councils are concerned. How are you building? Are you moving to the country to continue your walk with God?

We have been taught since the beginning, that God’s commands are simple but thoroughly protective. In telling Eve not to eat of the tree, God was saving her and future generations from much woe and destruction. However, in this age of pros and cons, there is a need for full disclosure before a favorable decision is made. In the things of God, there is no such weighing of earthly advantages, there is only a ‘thus saith the Lord” and prompt obedience. The Lord opens the way for us as we are willing to be made willing to obey based on faith and not sight. How are you building? Are you building on His commands and promises?

What building materials are you using? Spiritually, if you are using the correct building materials - the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy - you would find that your physical structures would reflect such. You would consult those guidelines given therein to help choose the correct materials. It may be argued that concrete is better than wood because termites can’t eat concrete, also, wood cannot stand up to major storms and a wooden structure is a poor man’s structure. Be aware that we were counseled to build out of wood and just like Noah’s ark made from wood, we build and God keeps it during the storm. We choose strong wood as God did for Noah, wood that termites would not eat, we also don’t mind looking poor on this earth, as our Saviour did as he sojourned here. If we keep in mind that everything on this earth is just pretty kindle for the great conflagration when Christ returns, then a wood house would be simply our small contribution. How are you building? Does your structure reflect Christ or you to the world?

The Bible talks of a man who considers the cost before he begins to lay a foundation...we should consider our monetary constraints when planning to build, and keep in mind that our budgetary allocation spiritually in this world is one based on time. In an attempt to keep up a worldly appearance, many sacrifice the practical side of life, things of true value, and use their resources for that which has no value in heaven’s eyes. A natural source of water and power is of real value in the practical day to day living in a country living space. The children of Israel experience such as they journeyed from Egypt to Canaan. God provided the essentials, cover by day, light by night, and water supply at all times. But for many, as the practical demands of everyday life is encountered, they find that they have created a time of trouble before the Biblical time of trouble, simply because they have used their resources in an unwise manner. How are you building? Are you building within the Biblical budget?

There is a distinct difference in the Bible between those who live in the plains and those who live in the hills. In our country living move we are admonished to live in the hills where we can gaze on the handiwork of the Lord. It may be argued that flat plain lands are easier to cultivate, has ready access to the cities and does not wear and tear on the body as much as the hillsides. However, the Bible tells us of those who dwelt in the plains in Noah’s day, it also showed us the end of Lot’s plain dwelling and eventually he had to seek refuge in the mountains. The mountains test your character to its full. How are you building? Are you in the low lying areas praying for a mountain top experience?

The things of earth will grow strangely dim in the eyes of those who begin to understand the true value of life, knowing that the works of God’s hands are of more value than the works of man. Your country living space should reflect that you understand that the superficial show is not worth anything when compared with the things of God, the things of real value. Great care of trees, flora and fauna should characterize your space, less of man and more of nature. A visitor to your home should have an experience with the Lord. Because you are following God’s commands, they should be hearing from you His praises as you tell of your experience in the country. More of Christ, less of self. How are you building? Are you building to bring praise to yourself or to God?

Your building in the country would not only be a reflection of your spiritual building but it would also impact your future spiritual building. Your character is continuously being developed and your witness in the country would also influence others to build as they see. We are living epistles, known and read of men. What are men reading? Are they seeing papal worldliness, pride, extravagance and display or are they having a sample of the meek and lowly Jesus on this sinful earth? When we decide to follow the Saviour, we become witnesses for Him, we should not be ashamed of the cross. How are we building? Are we shining the light of God’s Word to others in our practical choices in the country?

By Nicole Belfast


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