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International LGBTQ Snare for Jamaica: Corrupting A Nation


Corrupting A Nation
The picture illustrates a connected network that operates mainly unknown to many, even Christians are unaware of the great controversy that is playing out daily between the law and order of the Living God and the workings of the Devil. Human Rights only seem to go in one direction and that is in favor of the Lgbtq community while the views of heterosexuals is disregarded and even deemed as hate speech. Jamaica is a Christian country with a large protestant base, it is known to have the most churches per square mile so naturally on a public and private level there is reverence for the man and woman union (as in those born with genital identifiers and had it remain as such). The United States recognized same sex unions in the summer of 2015, it was dark day, and has ever since been on a campaign to have other countries become partakers of their sins. This coaxing and manipulation has now come to Jamaica in stronger measure with the recent state department request to Jamaica for the approval of diplomatic status for a prospective ambassador whose spouse is of the same sex. This act is one of great indifference to Jamaica's known position and goes completely against the scripture:
"Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination."  Leviticus 18:22 KJV
But who are the active agents who play a role in this scheme of deception? and where is it coming from?

The Papacy and The United Nations

The Papacy
Revelation 12:3-4 KJV shows that the spirit that is leading the papacy is that of the Devil himself, the Great Red Dragon has power over the kingdoms of the Roman Empire: "having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads."  Revelation 17:2-3 KJV identifies a woman or church that rides upon a scarlet beast that also has seven heads and ten horns. Vs 2. identifies an unlawful relationship between kings of the earth or world leaders and this church system, hence the term fornication is used, indicating that a church should not be dictating to the state or civil authorities. It may not be as apparent but the scripture shows that the kingdoms of Europe mainly comprise the core members of the United Nations. History records it that:

"Under the Roman Empire the popes had no tempral powers. But when the Roman Empire had disintegrated and its place had been taken over by a number of rude, barbarious kingdoms, the Roman Catholic church not only became independent of the states in religious affairs but dominated secular affairs as well." Carl Conrad Eckhardt, The Papacy & World Affairs p.1 

Pope Francis also gave his support to same sex couples noting that they should be given the right to civil union, such speech is contrary to the Scriptures. But is understandable given the Vatican holds the view that they can change God's law.
"The pope is the supreme judge of the law of the land..... He is the vicegerent  of Christ, who is not only a Priest forever, but also King of Kings and Lord of lords." La Civilta Cattolica, March 18,1871, quoted in Leonard Woolsey Bacon, An inside View of the Vatcican Council (American Tract Society) p.299

The United Nations 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals


Goal # 10 is of particular interest for this subject.

GSD Goal 10

Target 10.2 Promotes Social Inclusion of all despite sex, gender...or  other status

Target 10.2

Taget 10.3 Promotes eliminating discriminatory laws, policies and practices and promoting appropriate legislation, policies and action in this regard.

Target 10.3

These agendas seem good at the outset but one has to be reminded that the papacy rides upon these kingdoms, and the papacy herself claims authority above the word of God. This is to overthrow the principles of protestantism wherever the UN policies go, especially in the varied countries where the Word of God is held as authority.

The Open Society Foundation & The University of the West Indies


On the Univerity of The West Indies website is a news release that highlights the relationship of the Open Society Foundation and the Premier Educational Institution in the Caribbean. Such a strategic relationship is bound to bring about much rupture to the moral fabric of the children of the protestants across the Caribbean.

OSF Soros



Do rich men take instructions from the papacy? Remember The Wealthy JP Morgan that aided in the formation of the Federal Reserve that many american presidents believed would reduce America to poverty, spent his last days in the Rome Italy in the Vatican. But thats another aritcle... Revelation 18:3 KJV points out that the Papacy makes wealthy men.

"....and the merchants of the earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies."

It can be expected that they are obligated to do the papacies will.


Professor Richard Albert- International Constitution Expert

Richard Albert

Professor Richard Albert is the only non-national member of the Jamaica Constitutional Reform Comittee. The Constitutional Reform Committee was created to redesign the Jamaican Constitution in preparation for becoming a republic. This professor was selected to the chagrine of the churches and societies who believe he has a pro-lgbt and pro abortion bias. With the present diplomatic situation between the United States and Jamaica it would invite conversation about the homosexual agenda interesting enough while the constitutional committe is preparing the consitution with this professor being a member as though he were pre-positioned. We will see how this unfolds, however a voice of warning must be raised against these things that is set to bring destruction upon the people.


The Jamaican Prime Minister

Andrew Holness

Many are of the view that the Prime Minister is standing up for something by not  sanctioning the same-sex ambassadors but this could well be nothing than a political move to gain votes in light of an upcoming election while being fully aware of the machinations already in place to bring about the constitutional changes.  In a Jamaica Gleaner article The Jamaican Prime Minister explains:

"Ten years ago, there would have been a much harder line on the issue of homosexuality - particularly from a religious perspective - but I think over the last 10 years of conversation, the society is openly discussing the issue and views are changing." 1

This was from 2018 and now is the time when that conversation is poised to be  entertained. The Jamaican Prime Minister has also declared he is willing to have a homosexual in his cabinet. 

At the end of the day:

"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people." Proverbs 14:34 KJV


Source: 1

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