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Elijah, Apostasy & Climate Change, Part 2

Let's tie the last day events of Christ’s prophecy in the gospels with the Elijah times. In Mathew 24 the disciples asked Christ in one of three questions, what are the signs of his coming? Jesus says deception will be rampant so take heed lest you fall in the deception. This is also confirmed by 2 Timothy 3:13 that says seducers and evil men will be deceived and deceive people in greater and greater degree in many things including spiritual things. Jesus said there will be wars, diseases/pestilence, climate change crises and earthquakes. Luke 21 says there will be great signs in the atmosphere and men’s hearts overcome by fear when they see the magnitude and record breaking calamities by land and sea. But He said it will be a difficult time for His people who will be abused and blamed as to the cause of the calamites. That's why they will then deliver us up from our churches/synagogue to be jailed and brought before leaders and judges to answer for our consistent faith. If that fails to shake our faith we will be led to prison and even death. But God will turn it into an means of sharing the gospel to those people who we would not have met otherwise. God will protect His people.

In Luke 17:25-30, Jesus says His people will be rejected by all nations and the times will be like Noah's time and Lot's time. Noah's time was filled with all sort of wickedness, crime, adulterous and unsanctified marriages and unions between God’s professed people and the world. Lot’s time was full of idleness, homosexuality, lust and the desire for pleasure was great. In Noah's and Lot's time the righteous were few and the church/people of God were in apostasy. In the days of the second Elijah, John the Baptist, the conditions were the same, but was one of the worst times. The people of God were in deep darkness and apostasy. Demon possession was visible and adulterous unions were formed with Rome to put to death God’s servants. Herod was like Ahab and Jezebel was like Herod’s wife Herodias. Herodias conspired and stirred her husband to engage in wickedness. False worship was prevalent and spiritualism took on different forms amongst the people of God such as in the pool of Bethsaida being supposedly troubled by a visiting angel which we know was Satan. All sort of wickedness prevailed amongst the leaders and people in Christ’s day and no one dared openly confess and stand for Jesus who is The Almighty God veiled in human flesh. Anyone who dared, was put out of the synagogue by way of disfellowship or censorship. The true cause of suffering was mistaken and Jesus and His followers were seen as troublers of the people and a threat to the church and even the state.

To endure the times that are ahead we need to look at the characters of Elijah and John. John was of similar temperament to Elijah. They lived simple lives amongst nature, they were bold and never ashamed to speak openly for God and faced the enemy head on, they wore simple garments and their diet was of simple food. They had child-like faith, stood when champions were few and were never afraid to call sin by its right name. They were humble men of God but were seen as devils by their church family. But God saw them as heroes of the faith. Will you be a John today? Oh yes you can by God's grace. Elijah and John were men of like passions James 5 :17, they had weaknesses like us but were willing to have no compromise with sin. They valued the glory of God more than anything this world could offer. Elijah's time was one of false worship, nature-sun worship, sodomy (oral and same sex relationships), wickedness on a local and state level, and adulterous and unsanctified unions between heathen and God's professed people. Ahab represents the leaders of God’s people or church, GC, presidents and pastors. Jezebel represents false worship (papacy), nature worship primarily sun worship. She is that adulterous woman who is the chief of false worship and who joins in union with God's leader Ahab the head of the church. Is the prophecy saying that in the last days God's leadership representative will unite with the apostate woman, the papacy and will cause them to be sold out to evil leading God's people Israel in a state of national ruin? Oh yes. Will God's people be so confused that they don’t know true worship or who is the true God? Oh yes. Will they hunt and seek to expel and blame the messengers of the Elijah message as the problem in the church and the reason for no dew or rain? Oh yes.

What do the dew and rain/water symbolize? Based on Deuteronomy 32:2 and John 7:38-39 they represent doctrine and The Holy Spirit. Is the prophecy saying there will be no present truth doctrine in God’s churches nationally and no Holy Spirit as part of the general condition of God’s people? Oh yes. Revelation 3:20 says Jesus is outside of Laodicea knocking to come in, will you let Him in? Will you be the John to open the door by letting present truth come to the people? Listen to the voice of truth and let Him in please. He wants an undivided throne. If you refuse to let go of one known sin it will prevent Him from reigning in you. Will sodomy and sun worship be prevalent in the world/state and the church as in Elijah’s days? Oh yes. Will abortion be prevalent ? Oh yes, literal and spiritual abortion.

Was there a climate crisis in Elijah’s days? Yes, and so it is today. The modern day Elijah will be blamed for the calamities. The climate was misrepresented by Jezebel’s scientists and prophets and the Elijahs of today will have a different perspective as Christ says in Mathew 24 and Luke 17. It will be seen as God allowing Satan to have his way because of man’s constant rejection of God and darkness in all forms will cover the earth. It will be a sign of Christ’s coming and our redemption. As in Elijah’s days, the climate trusted experts, spiritualists, magicians and false prophets misrepresented the true cause of the problem. So it is and will be in our time before Christ comes in the air. Many diseases will break out in the world and the church, as it was in the Elijah’s time, will work miracles. Elisha's time was similar and the same time period to Elijah as he got the same power to continue the work as needed. There were many lepers and sicknesses in the church and in the world but God sent none of His prophets to heal them. So in the last days those who reject God and follow the health and standard of the world and their false representation of the climate crisis will not be healed. Only those of the world who exercise faith during those times will receive healing Luke 4:25-27.

There is hope for God’s people. Some of us are scattered like the twelve stones gathered to make Elijah's altar to God. The stones represent God’s people and the twelve tribe characters of the saints. We will be gathered as one in love and present truth for the glory of God to make an alter for Him. Twelve barrels of water will be poured out, enough to cleanse each tribe/experience referring to purification, Ezekiel 36:25-32. First there is unity in the Love of God and fellow men and the present truth this refers to the gathering. Then the water that is poured or sprinkled is the cleansing or revival then fire represents the Holy Spirt on the day of Pentecost where the believers gather together, having one goal, one love, one mission and one pulse.

We all can be like the Elijah of the past, but now when false worship is rampant in the churches and gross darkness is in the church, God is looking for a man who will rather die like John than to sin. We will have to cry and sigh for the abominations done in the world and in the church as we see men in responsible positions turn their backs to the altar with their faces towards the sun. Who will cry against the apostasy in the homes of SDA and in the church? Who will cry against spiritualism, abortion, worldly health solutions and the world view of the climate crisis? Let us repent and be our brother’s keepers while we stand and pray one for another to be like a John/Elijah today, by God’s grace.

Yes we can, even so Amen.

Written by Courtney Tapper 

Edited by D. Dodd

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